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Designing the Imaginable

We are a design & engineering firm that specializations in product design, analysis, and animatronics.

Our team combines technical know-how with a creative and iterative design process to develop impactful solutions.

We are experience-designers & storytelling-Engineers.

Goals: Our mission is to help tell your story. We take your creative guidance and turn it into a physical reality where guests can immerse themselves in that new reality. We achieve this by engaging with your work, collaborating closely with you, and putting ourselves in your guests’ shoes.

Your passion. Our Process.

How we get it done: Our designs are deliberate and thoughtful. Satisfying a creative goal isn’t always easy, so we put our heads together: pairing our engineering backgrounds with hands on experience and always keeping the final user in mind. Our mechanical design engineers use finite element analysis and rigid body dynamics software in parallel with SolidWorks to create efficient systems. Communicating these ideas to our client is just as important as implementing them so we use photo realistic rendering software and 3D printers to mock up designs.  

Your Turn-Key Solution.

Let’s take it all the way! We turn ideas into reality. Our in-house resources matched with our production partners allow us to swiftly construct prototypes, assemble final products, and provide on-site support. We pride ourselves in paying close attention to detail and carefully executing the task at hand. 

Who we've worked with

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